The Mission
As a clinician, Dr. Khazrai’s mission is to provide for her clients a
chance to bring out the best in themselves in their search for
conflict resolution and personal growth. To that end, Dr. Khazrai
continuously strives for acquiring cutting edge knowledge in the
profession of Marriage, Family and Child Therapy.

Dr. Khazrai draws on her many years of experience to synthesize
different techniques tailored for each unique individual and
situation, in order to facilitate her clients’ recovery, healing, and

Her approach is holistic, systemically oriented, and strength

Dr. Khazrai believes that human beings are inherently good and
trustworthy and have an innate tendency to strive for perfection.
Her philosophy of therapy is holistic, meaning that people are
made of many parts (body, mind, emotions, and will), which can
not be divided.

Dr. Khazrai’s approach to treatment is systemically oriented and
strength based. She believes that people live and work in a
relationship system and each person whole. When relationships
become out of balance, it is a result of many different factors and
patterns, which can be examined in the therapy sessions.

You have the right to ask any question you may have about any
procedures used during therapy.

When you leave your name and phone number you will receive a
return call to discuss how Dr. Khazrai can be of help to you.
Farzaneh S. Khazrai Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family

License # MFC 38439

1151 Dove Street, Suite 200
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 201-9795

Dr. Khazrai is bilingual in Farsi
(Persian) and will conduct her
sessions in Persian language
when needed.

Orange County
Huntington Beach
Newport Beach
Costa Mesa
Laguna Beach