        Couple relationships
        Parent-Child relationships
        Divorce/Separation and children
        Loss/Grief
        Chronic illness and family
        Depression
        Anxiety
        PTSD
        Parenting issues
        Inter-racial, cultural, ethnic relationships
        Adjustment issues of immigrants
        Premarital counseling/education
        Expectant parents’ counseling and education
        Parenting group education
        Improving your child’s self-esteem
        Single women group
        Emotional fitness group both men & women
        Cross-cultural human resource system consultant
        Stress management for employees
Cross-Cultural Couples and Families
Preventive/Educational Services
Business Services
You have the right to ask any questions you may have about any procedure used
during therapy.

When you leave your name and phone number, I will personally return your call
to discuss how I can be of help to you.
Farzaneh S. Khazrai Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family

License # MFC 38439

1151 Dove Street, Suite 200
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 201-9795

Dr. Khazrai is bilingual in Farsi
(Persian) and will conduct her
sessions in Persian language
when needed.

Orange County
Huntington Beach
Newport Beach
Costa Mesa
Laguna Beach